Louis underestimating the highest toilet paper tower challenge. 

Hey do you remember namy weirdly I sort of miss it Niall seemed really happy back then and I haven't seen him that way with another girl since...

namy :(((((( omg I remember them every time I see Amy on my twitter time line sigh yeah those candids will be forever engraved into my mind they leaning towards each other and laughing and amy looking at niall all lovingly omg THEY COULD HAVE BEEN SUCH A BEAUTIFUL COUPLE sigh I believe barbara made/makes him happy like she is such a funny laid back girl, it’s sad we dont get any cute happy pictures


AU: Actor Louis Tomlinson finds college student Niall Horan passed out on his front lawn and decides to keep him. 



Nothing can come between you and I


Niall and his friends last night!