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Everyone should think like Stiles all the time tbh


And after 18 Eps of no real interaction that’s probably the only Sterek scene we get………………

Understanding Zayn Malik: Culture and Identity (Pt 1)


Zayn Malik likes to act (or has accepted that he needs to) like he’s some mysterious, broody lad. His team likes to push this image onto him, because you know, he’s that colored kid, and those whites can never understand those coloreds. Lets reinforce these discriminatory rooted lines, by announcing that its okay to perpetuate everything Zayn’s people have been fighting against for years and years.

But he’s really just…you know, a person.


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Not a huge fan of One Direction or Zayn Malik, but MAJOR respect for this man right here:


Hoping that he wont delete it like Rihanna, or apologize for it like John Kerry.


Why it matters: celebrities can help the cause by bringing it to the attention of the media and their followers, because right now: mainstream media is refusing to report the thousands of protests going on around the world against this heinous crime and refuses to report the crime itselfBBC, CNN, etc. are all keeping their viewers in the dark,allowing the government to drain them of their valuable tax money sent to Israel in the form of aid to assist this genocide. The money that you desperately need for the thousands of homeless people, poverty, skyrocketing college fees, environmental crises are sent to assist inthe killing of over a THOUSAND Palestinians out of which above FOUR HUNDRED are CHILDREN.

People NEED to know about this so that they can pressurize their governments to STOP funding Israel and spend their valuable money on their own people.

For more information on the Gaza issue, read:
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Louis at the Keepmoat Stadium to support the Doncaster Rovers Football Club. (7/27)


and like zayn is a person who does so many things quietly like his donation to charity after red nose day and his gromit and him becoming an ambassador for the british asian trust like so many of the really great things that he does he does quietly and most people never know about it but this thing. HE DID IT IN FRONT OF MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF PEOPLE AND HE’S PROBABLY GOING TO BE ASKED ABOUT IT A BUNCH OF TIMES AND EVEN KNOWING THAT HE STILL DID IT AND ON EID OF ALL DAYS.