but i thought elounor haters were the worst ever but wow zerrie haters or non-shippers ugh like i dont get why would they say that their relationship is fake and for publicity?!? like they have been together for like a year? adn they dont even go out much??! there are not that much pictures of them and it’s not like perrie talks bout him if she is not asked bout it? and then yeah well you could say management uses zayn’s twitter account to promote little mix but that’s not up to zayn and perrie…besides what is wrong with zay wnating to help perrie and her band omfg stoopid but the thing that infuriates me the most are the zayn “girls” who say that if certain (stupid) rumors are true they will stop being zayn fans?!! WTF is wrong with them? they are not even FANS if they do that like im so angry cause they send hate to the both of them bcause they think they are in a fake relationship THEY THINK?!! aaaaaaaaaaaah sjdasjdask i h8 it cause zayn tries to be as invisible as he can and people just wont let him bee asdjad

i should have never gone to the zerrie tag u____u fucking people

  1. niamrockme said: yes exactly oh god some louis girls and zayn girls just said “no they are not real,their relationship is fake,larry and zarry forever!! ” and i’m just like “what?”
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